SHOPZORO- Terms and Conditions

Shopzoro - Bitcoin Investment providing you an interface between you and our team, using this interface you can invest your Bitcoins & we provide you double of your investment after 24 hours.

1.1 Any Person From Any Country Can Invest on shopzoro - Bitcoin Investment platform
1.2 Any person/company/firm can invest on shopzoro - Bitcoin Investment platform
1.3 Any person who has complete age of 18 can invest on shopzoro - Bitcoin Investment platform
1.4 Before investment you need to agree with our terms, you also need to understand past performance is not guarantee about future performance, please invest on your own risk.

Depositing funds
2.1 Shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier only design to accept Bitcoins.
2.2 Shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier accept as minimum investment 0.01 Bitcoin to 0.9000 Bitcoin
2.3 All Investment below minimum investment amount & more than maximum investment amount will count as a donation investment on Shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier.

As other modern website shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier also uses user cookies data, but we timely remove these data.

4.1 Shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier provide you payout after 24 hours of your investment.
4.2 Shopzoro - Bitcoin Multiplier calculate 24 hours from 3 times confirmation via blockchain not from your investment time.
4.3 Mostly all payout will release within 30 minute after 24 hours but it may be taken more 24 hours in case any technical problems.

For any query/feedback you can directly fill support form or write us using support mail, Shopzoro - Bitcoin Investment support team will provide you solution within 24 hours.

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